Weekly Devotion

May 19,  2024

A Psalm For Everything

I am using a through-the-Bible-in-a-year plan called Digging Deeper Daily in the You Version Bible app. I am amazed at the connection between the Old Testament reading and the Psalm for each day, especially in the last week. This morning the book of Ruth finished with a rundown of David’s genealogy which Ruth is a part of. Psalm 89 contains a long description of David. Yesterday, Ruth 2 ended with a description of God’s provision for Ruth and Naomi through Boaz and Psalm 89 began with “I will sing of the Lord’s unfailing love forever!” Monday’s reading was the dark ending of Judges 21 and Psalm 88 – the “darkness is my closest friend” Psalm.

I am not a believer in coincidences! For me, this is a fantastic reminder from the Holy Spirit of the relevance of the Psalms. Those who wrote the Psalms were human, just like you and I. Feelings, doubts, joy and faith are not unique to us in 2024. Their actual circumstances looked different, but the anger, grief, joy, wonder, etc felt to them the same way they feel to us today.

• Totally in love with Jesus? Maybe Psalm 84.
• Wondering if God has forgotten you? Try Psalm 13.
• Need reminders of strength in the middle of troubles? How about Psalm 62?
• Overwhelmed with awe at God’s creation? Psalm 8.
• How about a quick rundown of what the Lord has promised you and how He understands you? Try Psalm 103.
• Need something to cling to when you have “troubles” and “anguish?” I love Psalm 25.

God WILL speak with you through the Psalms! Give it a try.

Written by Naomi Warkentin